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Ballon sur Bitume, the first documentary on the street soccer culture.

Welcome to a world where trash talk stands alongside generosity, where the border between success and fail is way too porous, and where dress code and skill move are of equal importance. May you be in Argenteuil, Paris, Sarcelles or Sevran, there is no other truth than the pitch’s truth: BSB gives the floor to professional and internationally recognized soccer players (Riyad Mahrez, Serge Aurier, Mehdi Benatia, Ousmane Dembélé…), to rap artists (MHD,Niska and Gradur), to players of the French national futsal team (Adrien Gasmi, Landry N’ gala, Kevin Ramirez) as well as to non-professionals, to soccer fans and lovers, to instructors and “big brothers” who keep street soccer, the cultural phenomenon of our districts, alive.

Produced by Miles.tv

Watch the full movie (52min) here


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